Imagine you’re standing on a stunning white sand beach, at the edge of an impossibly blue ocean, your eyes scanning the unbroken horizon, and then suddenly, just for a second, you glimpse what you’ve been yearning to see for so long…………your fabulous life.

Now, watch yourself, as you sling a tattered knapsack filled with rusty anchors over your shoulder and wade into the beckoning waters, yet again, hoping that this time, you’ll get there – out there to that fabulous life – without having to turn back, gasping for air, picking small, prickly crustaceans from your teeth.

Not an appealing picture is it?

And yet, this is life, this is us. Drawn to a compelling space we want to have in our life, the powerful and fulfilled person we long to be; a person at the source of our life rather than buffeted by the effects of it. And being stymied – held back by unhappy past experiences, by resignation, by inertia.

Held back by a self-image authored by the ‘voice in your head’. You know. That voice. The one that says, ’You’re not good enough.’ ‘You’re not smart enough’. ‘You’re not worthy’. Or ‘You’re an imposter.’ Maybe even ‘You’re not lovable.’

Well here’s the thing. It doesn’t have to be like that. Why? Because you say so – simple as that. You see, you get a say in how your life unfolds. You get to have an amazing life. You get to re-discover and honour the real ‘you’. And you know what else? You’re already here. You’ve already got ‘Open Water’ right in front of you.

Open Water Coaching. C’mon. Let’s go inventure, create and head out. Your life’s waiting out there.

What are you waiting for?

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