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‘Jeannie is very calm, intuitive and frank. She’s able to cut through the fluff and really get to the heart of what’s important with assuredness and without judgment. She’s also solution-oriented, without having her own agenda. This helps you feel empowered, protected and perfectly normal (that’s no mean feat!), and gives you the chance to work out the best and most personal action plan going forward. Jeannie is an excellent coach.’

L. Robertson, Vancouver

‘Playful, no-nonsense, perceptive. You hold yourself to the same level of integrity you do your clients – which, as a client, says to me you walk your talk, you ‘get’ what you’re asking me to do as your client, and you will hold my feet to the fire – if I want a wussy coach…well, I don’t which is why I would hire you.’

Sue Berikoff, Life Coach,

inventure - life coaching

When did you set your dreams adrift?

Where have you run aground in your life?

How did you become becalmed, static, listless, resigned?

Why are you tolerating it?

If you’re shaking your head, if the voice in your head is saying, ‘Beats the heck outta me. I want more. More joy, more peace, more power, way more fun, more freedom, more fulfillment – more life in my life....’


To the possibility of transforming your life. Your way. Re-discovering what’s important to you. Re-awakening you.

Welcome. To Open Water Coaching.

A safe space to be truly, deeply heard, to talk with someone who will be with you wherever you are in your life; someone who’s unafraid to stand with you as you shine a light on the demons and dementors that get in your way; someone who will witness your life without judgment, who will help you navigate your horizons, explore your limitless possibilities, and create a powerful vision for your life. Open Water Coaching, a safe space to get acquainted with the you that’s been yearning to ’be’, the you who’s ready to take your life on.

Here’s what you’ll do.

You’ll inventure – you’ll venture inside, to your inner self, see who’s there waiting to be called out. You’ll reintroduce your ‘self’ to your life, articulating your vision, designing your ‘future self’, and then you’ll begin living into that.

Here’s what I’ll do.

With respect, compassion, openness, humour and rigor, I’ll hold you accountable to your dreams and goals. I’ll listen for your greatness, your gremlins, your power, your pain; I’ll offer up not answers, but questions (sometimes sassy) and inquiries that point you to your own wisdom. I’ll cheer you on as you create a life of choice, where you step out of the shade, lift your face to the sun and warm breezes, scan a limitless, sparkling horizon, and say, ‘That’s where I’m going. I’m taking a stand for myself and my life.

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