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‘I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jeannie at Right Management in her role as Career Transition and Organizational consultant, coach and facilitator for going on 7 years. I can say unequivocally that Jeannie is the best of the best. She combines preparedness with an unassuming style and a great sense of humour to create consistently fertile learning environments for our clients. I have referred Jeannie to organizations needing assistance with a range of issues in the past and I will continue to do so in the future.’

Margot Sutcliffe
Principal, Apex Coaching
Consultant, Right Management

‘Jeannie is extremely skilled at educating adults in a positive and constructive way. She has a unique way of bringing a group together and bonding us so that we feel comfortable in our learning environment. Her interactive approach, rather than being intimidating, is fun and humorous and most importantly, relevant. I would highly recommend Jeannie to facilitate any training or coaching session if you want successful results.’

Becki Wong, City of Vancouver

head out – to what’s next for you


Have you allowed yourself to ‘inventure’ this far?

Is the voice in your head saying, ‘YESSSS! Do it. You know you want great coaching – with someone who can hold your inventuring in an extraordinarily safe space, be with you, listen for what’s important to you, be a stand for you and the life you want for yourself.’

Then call me or email me. Let’s discover the you who’s at the keyboard right now, yearning for the Open Water of your life.

Or maybe you’re like a bobbing kayak, tucked in safely behind a headland, saying, ‘I think this might be for me – I’m not sure ‘cause I’ve never done this before.’ You know what? Good for you. Good for acknowledging the newness of this for you. Now give yourself the freedom to try it out. Call or email me to set up a free 30 minute coaching call.

Invest in you. Take on your life. Give yourself the gifts of awareness, limitless possibilities, access to your power, and joy in life – you’re worth it.


Does what you see on your group’s horizon wake you up at night? Do you know with certainty that there are talents to tap, results to realize, relationships to solidify, or visions to articulate?

Cast about no more. Let’s get started creating more fun, more clarity, more opportunity to make a difference, more ‘I’ve got your back’ teamwork. Let’s partner to unleash a crew ready to move into Open Water with commitment, self-confidence, aliveness and trust. Call or email me for a free consultation.

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