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“Jeannie is a gifted facilitator and coach. She brings out the best in others by using her creativity, humour and insight which allow people to “think outside the box”. Jeannie creates a safe and supportive learning environment where people flourish. I’ve had the good fortune of working with Jeannie for many years and can say with the utmost confidence that she can always be counted on to deliver outstanding results.”

Liz Grant, Vice-President, Career Management Consulting, Right Management Consultants

‘Jeannie recently facilitated a presentation skills workshop for my team and the feedback was outstanding. She designed the skills training around specific in-house content and everyone was very impressed with her level of preparation, ability to connect in a warm, professional manner, and create a non-threatening and energetic environment where people were motivated to try out their skills in the classroom. My team left the workshop confident, motivated and better skilled, and a number said it was the most value-added training they had attended. The workshop was so well-received, many of my colleagues around the province have engaged Jeannie to deliver the same workshop to their teams.’

Suzanne Rutherford, Regional Vice-President, RBC Royal Bank

create – powerful work teams

Open water can be flat calm, rippled with refreshing breezes or whipped up into massive waves that block out the light, and have us mumbling ‘mummymummymummymummy’ in terror. Working with other people is much the same (except maybe the ‘mummymummy’ part).

Just as we rely on paddles and rudders and sails and tillers to keep us on course and steer clear of troubled waters, ‘playing well with others’ in the workplace is an artful blend of skills, intuitions and behaviours.

And just as we wouldn’t head out on a trip with worn out gear and stale food, teams in transition for any reason – new members, new challenges, new visions – need to re-discover their power, breathe fresh air into their communications, get crystal clear on where they’re headed, and call out the best in each other.

I’m committed to creating learning experiences that awaken each of us to our personal power – events that inspire collaboration, energize communication, and create powerful shifts in being and thinking. Because I’m about people, I specialize in helping groups understand and capitalize on:

  • Personality types and behavior styles
  • Group dynamics
  • Communication skills
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Transitions, shifts and changes

Because I’m about people, I will help you and your team chart your new course and partner with you to create a powerful, collaborative, engaged, enlivened workplace. A place that really ‘floats your boat.’

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